Видео: Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC: Garrus Romance (All scenes)

MASS EFFECT 3 Citadel DLC (FemShepard; romance Garrus; Insanity difficulty)

✓ Female Shepard; soldier; mostly Paragon ✓ Romance option: Garrus Vakarian ✓ Difficulty: Insanity with maximum upgrades ...

Garrus Vakarian Romance - Mass Effect 3: Leviathan & Citadel DLC

Garrus Vakarian romance in Mass Effect 3: Leviathan & Citadel DLC.

Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC - Garrus Highlights

This is basically only missing some banter I have in part 2 as well as the tango date which is already uploaded.

Garrus Vakarian: Romance (Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC)

Straight from the new Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC! Citadel DLC Playlist (Spoilers ahead!)

Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC: Garrus Goes on a Date

Garrus from Mass Effect goes out on a date in this last Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC.

Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC: Meeting Garrus (Romance, version 1)

Want more Garrus romance? Check the playlist down below: Garrus Romance: Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3 ...

Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC: Garrus and Zaeed booby-trap Shepard's apartment

For Garrus romance version of this video, follow the link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meD3v7KoO7k (starts @9:18) ...

Mass Effect Trilogy: Garrus Romance Complete All Scenes

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbEKoKJnvYAjA3sHT9... Mass Effect Trilogy Garrus Romance ...

Mass Effect 3: Garrus Romance in Leviathan DLC

Missing "hand on a shoulder" romance scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mkfp8_xrg48 Leviathan DLC Playlist: ...

Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Shepard & Garrus Dancing (Romance) The Tango

Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Shepard & Garrus Dancing (Romance)

MEHEM - Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending Mod - Female Shepard (Garrus Vakarian LI)

The MEHEM mod by TheME3EM. And damn it, Garrus, you are huge. And buggy. But we still love you! Hairstyle mod ...

Mass Effect 3 (FemShep) - 298 - Citadel DLC: 02) Citadel Wards: Ambush

Mass Effect 3 (2012) Lauren Shepard - FemShep (75% Paragon, 25% Renegade) - Vanguard (N7 Marine in the Human Systems ...

Garrus Romance Mass Effect 3 All Scenes HD

All cutscenes of Garrus and FShep from Mass Effect 3. You can only romance Garrus in ME3 if you romanced him in ME2.

Complete Garrus Romance | Mass Effect

Exploring all the different options in the game.

Shepard Kisses Traynor - Squadmates' Reaction (Citadel DLC)

Requested by MCalcapwn - I couldn't get EDI to say anything during the kiss. - I tried gibbed save editor and chose only EDI to be ...

Mass Effect 3: Citadel - Garrus Gets a Date

Garrus finally gets himself a woman. A Turian woman in fact! Nice to see a new female Turian. Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC Mass ...

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